Chlorinated Bromated Alkyl Phosphate

Chlorinated Bromated Alkyl Phosphate

Product Description

1. Unsaturated Resins
2. Unsaturated resins which are made from tetrachlorophlhalic anhydride instead of phlhalic anhydride.
3. Soft PVC
The LOI of the product which is made of PVC(100%) DOP(10%) CBAP-912(10) is 31.
4. Alcohol acid lacquer
Alcohol acid lacquer can extinguish itself if it is supplemented of CBAP-912 (5%)
5. Foam polyurethanes
Burning experiment of Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 can pass if polyurethanes are supplemented of CBAP-912 (6%).
6. Methylated arylate
The fire retarding effect of the product which is made of methylated acrylate (40%) and CBAP-912 (7.2%) can reached the rank of UL-94 V-2.
Appearance Primrose liquid Phosphorus content (%) 7.5
Color(PT/Co) < 50 Bromine content (%) 36.0
Acid value (mgKOH/g) < 0.15 Chlorine content (%) 9.0
Viscosity 147 Specific gravity 1.578
H. S. No: 38249090

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